My name is Enmanuel Durán. I'm a passionate software developer from Venezuela, I started developing websites when I was 13 years old, I’m currently (current year - 1994) years old and my passion just keeps growing.

What I do

  • I currently work as a Frontend Engineer at Amazon (AWS)
  • Founder behind somosprogramadores a platform where I teach people about programming and tech in Spanish.
  • Author of EnmaScript.
  • Founder and developer of Leenker
  • Conference and Meetup speaker from time to time.
  • I also contribute to open source projects when possible.

In The Past


I'm a person who is very passionate about innovative tech no matter its source, my forte lies in the Front-End development world with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including technologies like React, jQuery, Meteor…), in the Back-end side I’ve worked mostly with PHP, Python and Node.js. Everything I write on this blog are my personal opinions and they do not represent in any way my employers.

In my spare time I teach about technologies on YouTube or through articles/posts, also I’m a big physics lover so I enjoy reading books about it and its applications.

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